Nice to meet you, I’m Jaime

I’m a UX/UI designer with a love for graphic design and illustration. As a child of the 90s, I learned to make graphic art and build websites for my Neopets and Myspace. Today, I help products and brands understand their users, prioritize the most valuable opportunities, and design and deliver great solutions.

I’ve been designing professionally for nearly a decade across all sorts of interesting spaces, from ed-tech to enterprise security, primarily with early- to mid-stage companies, where I’ve led design projects through from discovery to wireframes, design, and launch, consistently with great results.

An illustration of Jaime. She has brown hair, green eyes and glasses, and a smile.

What I do


UX and UI design are multifaceted and include the design of site maps, user flows, information architecture, features, interactions, and content to be responsive, usable, and accessible. Common practices and outputs include heuristic evaluations, wireframes, high fidelity designs, illustrations, icons, and interactive prototypes.

User Research

Every project is different and calls for its own custom plan and can include surveys, interviews, polls, heat maps, usability testing, and more. Common deliverables for this work are 
user profiles, and user stories.


Identify, validate, and prioritize the most useful, desired, and valuable opportunities for your users and your business to build an entire roadmap or simply scope a project. Common processes include hypothesis validation, storyboarding, opportunity mapping and canvassing.

Some of my latest work

Redesigning petition creation on had a very old petition flow that was difficult to make changes to. They were also in the midst of a company-wide push to grow the number of quality petitions and victories on the site.

I led the redesign of the petition creation flow to create an accessible, performant, and totally modular experience that exceeded our goals and raised user satisfaction.

Read more about redesigning petition creation

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